Dancing Mondays: Thats Important to me Edition

The past 4th of March Joey, of Joey and Rory; after a long battle with cancer, passed away.

I have been following them since Can You Duet and felt really sad for the following days.

It’s been rainy and cold over here,  which didn’t help the mood much.   Having seen so many videos of Rory telling the way Joey had been so positive and grateful through her ordeal though,  I made a promise to myself to not dare complain or whine about anything,  even less about the weather.

So,  every rainy and cold day instead of staying huddled inside like I normally would,  with Baby J getting bored and I getting gloom,  I covered us both in coats and put on our plastic boots and went for walks.

They turned out to be the loveliest walks,  with a rain mist falling over us, a breeze blowing in our faces.  We even discovered a bunch of nature wonders that we wouldn’t had seen had it been sunny.

This video resumes Joey’s feelings of what’s really important and I think everyone should check every now and then if your list of important things is up to date.

Remember to honor your important things today, and always. Have an amazing, greatfull Monday.


2 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: Thats Important to me Edition

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