I Remember: Grandma bought me a purse

I don’t remember how old I was exactly, but I must have been around six.

My paternal grandmother, Julia, had to go to the pharmacy and she took me with her.   It happened to be my uncle’s pharmacy.  He was married to my aunt, who died not long afterwards when she had her only daughter.

We walked towards the prescription dispatch window and there was a section of toys and Sanrio articles.  I had never seen anything of the like before and fell immediately in love with the flashy and girly designs.  There was a plastic purse within my reach that had the this bunny in it’s front and I couldn’t resist, it had little articles inside;  I touched it.

My grandma noticed and she asked me if I wanted it.  I said no.  She said something like “yes, you want it, it’s pretty.  How much is this?” She asked the cashier.  It must have been a lot of money.  Any money for her was a lot of money.   But she paid it and gave it to me and she smiled the whole day watching me with it.

I was ecstatic.  I didn’t had anything like it, it was pretty perfect for me.  It is still one of my favorite things, the last time I used it I was in college.  I have it in a box in my closet.  These are some of the things that came inside the purse.

vintage Sanrio accessories

The other day I saw Baby J playing with the comb and my heart almost burst with happiness.  And then not only I remembered, I understood;  that my joy was her joy.

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