Dancing Mondays: Te Doy Una Canción Edition

Every now and then comes a song with the perfect lyrics and the perfect music, sung by the perfect artist and in the most perfect moment of our lives and it blows our mind and pierces our soul.

It sticks.  It marks.  It goes deeper.

Like this song.



Because the awesomeness of that song has so many levels I’m afraid I won’t be able to transcribe it.

First;  this song was written by Silvio Rodriguez when he was young to his first love, Emilia, to whom he basically wrote the most romantic, wonderfully crafted songs ever.  It’s no wonder this song is a classic and a favorite to pretty much everyone with taste in the Hispanic world.

I’m going to be horrible and try to translate some of the lyrics for those of you who don’t understand Spanish, though this type of thing, this confessions of the heart, really have no direct translation:

I give you a song
if I open a door
and out of the shadows you come
I give you a song at sunrise
when I most desire your light
I give you a song
when you appear
the mystery of love
and if you don’t
I don’t care
I give you a song

Silvio Rodríguez, Te Doy Una Canción


Look, someone else was horrible too and translated the whole thing.  You can read the song in it’s entirety here.

Second; this cover is done by Cultura Profética, a band I have featured here before because they are one of the best bands this island has birthed.  Their arrangements of classic songs – specially politically relevant and classically romantic – are becoming legendary on their own because their style – Caribbean roots –  is just impeccable.

Third;  this recording was done – live! – in Cuba, uniting two Caribbean islands that have tons of love and respect for each other in a production last December.  I don’t know, but I bet the song just sounds better because it was sung there.  It was the first time Cultura Profética performed there and the people went NUTS.  And we loved it because it was like a musical hug to our fellow brothers and sisters.

And have I mentioned that Willy’s voice (lead singer) is practically perfect?  That I want to declare it a National Treasure?  I want him to have a certificate in his house that says that his voice, whenever he sings, makes Puerto Rico better and prettier.

So there.  I’ve been singing this non-stop the past week and I think I’m going to keep at it for a few more days.  Or months.

Have a wonderful day.  And give someone a song.


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