Tuesdays of Texture | Week 5 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

We went to the celebration of Fiestas Patronales close by, saw this and couldn’t resist sharing it as my first Tuesdays of Texture in video form!

Toasting peanuts. #Texture #TuesdaysofTexture

A video posted by @naramilee on

Manfriend had seen it before because it’s something typical of the Hardcore Country Life but I had never seen peanuts being toasted!  Nor had I ever seen them being sold in a Fiesta Patronal.   It was super vintage-cool.  And very warm to stand close to!


A photo posted by @naramilee on

I thought the peanuts would taste much better being freshly toasted and everything, but was quite  disappointed to find they just tasted like regular, non-vintage-cool toasted peanuts.

I have been keeping up with the news because I have an order pending from a supplier right in the middle of the snow storm (Our conversations during the past four days:  can you send the order now? No.  How about now?  No.  And now?  No.  Maybe now?  No.) and I’m sharing this warm, smokey post to warm you in case you are in or close to that disaster.

Last week’s cool people:


black body

musing on maine


May you have a toasty-cozy day.  And do share a bit with me!




24 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture | Week 5 of 2016

    • narami says:

      Oooh, but that’s exactly what I compared it too, freshly roasted coffee and I have to agree with your friends; I could taste a difference in the coffee! Totally missed that with the peanuts though. I don’t know if it’s because they were not spiced (? like with salt?) but they tasted … plain.
      Thanks so much for sharing your image and for coming by!


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