Dancing Mondays: Tristan und Isolde Edition

The last time I was able to listen to the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico was to hear a concert dedicated to the music of Star Wars in 2005 (link to post containing narrative in both Spanish and English and words of a ten years younger me).

I was ecstatic when last Saturday I was able to hear this season’s number nine concert live from the comfort of this house when it was transmitted on local TV.

One of the featured composers was Richard Wagner and it made me remember this piece that I just adore.

Wasn’t that invigorating?  Let’s pump it up for Monday, Wagner style.  I have to begin calling the world today and I’m going to be thinking about that tempo all the while.  Suppliers are going to be talking about how the snow hinders all my attempts at getting our orders on time and I’m going to be all “humming music*.

Have an excellent Monday!  Hope you are not snowed in!


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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