Dancing Mondays: Love Yourself Edition

Apparently the world wanted to make sure Justin Bieber was not to be forgotten.

I had settled on the idea of never knowing one of his new songs ever again.  Ever.  But then he went and made an album that’s actually worth a listen, or three,  and it’s nearly impossible to not like this when this video is so freaking genius.


I mean, clearly someone is very clever and hired a very good producer for this so that the Bieber would sneak into the music streaming of normal people.

I love the concept of this and the style used where the dancers have perfect synchronization, but they are not mirroring each other.  They are complementing each other’s moves.  And the way the story was told.


Have a great day.  And love yourself, why not?


2 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: Love Yourself Edition

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