Dancing Mondays: Die a Happy Man Edition

Hi.  It’s Monday again.

Last week I “returned to work” by checking all email accounts and re-checking inventory.  It turns out I missed two indispensable items for packing day.  Basically because I refused to direct my eyes towards the office area for the whole month of December and things exploded there.

Seriously, I sat in that chair and the papers where exploding in my face.  They were also laughing.  Manfriend wasn’t, he was livid.  *insert my innocent face here*

So.  Even though I’m pushing to return to what is my normal complete posting schedule (about four posts each week) I’m still a little stuck on Monday and Tuesdays.  In which case, I better make them count.

This, my dear friends is the song that occupies the twenty fifth place in the Hot 100 Billboard list.  If I made that list it would be way higher because this is the song that should be sung to every woman every morning of our lives.


Yes dude.  YES.

You just made me forget I left two items off the re-order list.  THANK YOU.  The beach views are also helping a lot.

Have an awesome day.  Sing loud.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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