Looking up and Looking Down

I have two views recorded at Plaza Las Americas on our visit to Santa.

We saw the dancing lights:

The dancing lights. #ChristmasTree #ChristmasMusic

A video posted by @naramilee on

(And I was very disappointed that they played our typical music last and in such short time.)

And the fake snow:

Fake snow. #ChristmasMusic

A video posted by @naramilee on

All the kids went crazy about this “snow” while Baby J analysed it doing various tests.  I discovered her results when she came back to the Hardcore Country Life (there’s a thorn in my heart that won’t let me call it home.  I’m trying to heal it, although it looks pretty hopeless at the moment) and her father asked her what was the snow like.  She immediately answered:  foam.

My genes are so in there.

I thought about the contrast of perspectives in this post and I’ll invite you to try and change your perspective on something today.  Look at a situation, place, someone, a task, anything, differently.  It’s so much about how you perceive it and not about what or how it actually is.

I’ll try to find one embracing thing about this Hardcore Country Life for example.  One good thing.  I often can’t deal with the whole Hardcore Country Life picture, so I just pick one thing each day.  I’ll try to find it’s positive side today.

This might require lots of syrup or wine.

Have a great perspectively positive day!

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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