In this Hardcore Country Life: A Micky Mouse Visit

So this happened.


I mean, talk about a way to declare the war.  Fine Hardcore Country Life, if that’s the way you want to have it;  you have officially entered the list of people off my kingdom.  No one comes back from out there, just so you know. 

That day was spent cleaning everything in the kitchen and freaking out about every single surface touched by anyone.  By anyone, I mostly mean Baby J.  And just generally freaking out.

I must mention that all the cleaning was done on a sprained back that had me wincing in pain at my every move.  Every single one.

So, lets just establish that it was a horrible day.

Well, the next day was worst.  Because it turns out that actually finding the mouse is much more of a commotion.

Manfriend unleashed his most primeval instincts when he found the mouse’s hiding place and locked himself in the room with it.   

Have you seen the movie Faster?  (Recommended!)  When The Rock finds one of the murderers inside a bathroom and locks himself inside with him telling him that only one of them is going to get out of there alive?   That was manfriend.  He was going to kill that thing if it was the last thing he did.

As much as I want to brag on how he used all his hunting knowledge and extremely good aim, I have to give all the credit to Fita, who went absolutely crazy when she smelled that thing and did not rest until she caught it and then killed it at least seven different times.

That dog is amazing.

After the body of the deceased was taken outside, the day was spent cleaning the rest of the house.  And just generally freaking out.   And yes, my back only got worst from there and I don’t feel any better yet because housework NEVER STOPS.

So yeah.  The next time someone asks me why I call it the Hardcore Country Life this is definitely coming up.




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