The more dignifying answer

For my I Remember series:
Back when I was hapilly single but had no idea.
The funniest thing is, I still have to go everywhere alone! Social meetings are not manfriend’s thing -unless they are at his mother’s (where we live so he doesn’t really have to go anywhere) and with his own group.
In fact, I don’t even remember when I last attended a gathering of any kind.

Had I known then I wouldn’t have whine so much.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be inside the house partially depressed because it’s rainy and cold. (By summer.)

de monte y mar

Christmas IS the worst time to be single. 

I knew this, I just sort of forgot in the other 11 months of the year I can live without an obligatory companion.  The  amount of family activities often makes me feel like I’m missing something “I still have two arms, eyes working… oh! Right! I don’t have a BOYFRIEND!”

Of course the time of the year that I want to try and survive with the less public gatherings as possible is the one where EVERYONE wants to make a party.  They invite me with paper and pen in their hand “and how many guests are you bringing?”  they say, sweet voices and all.  “Well, that would be the husband and the kids that I don’t have yet, so that’s CERO GUEST.  I hope you are happy now that I feel closer to depression.” “Ok…

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