On a rainy day

For my I Remember Series:
A day I visited my mother’s land with my two dogs and reminiscent about the past.

Have a lovely weekend!

de monte y mar


It had been too long since I went to my mother’s land… farm…place… Today by mere accident I was called there. I didn’t wanted to go meet Father alone, so I took Shay with me.  

As soon as I got out of the car it got dark and started raining.  

The rain was  falling hard outside the car.  The soft sounds it made against the trees were soothing.  Coquíes started singing celebrating the rainy day.  We ran to Father’s car.

All three of us were huddled in the passenger’s seat, Triunfo was in the floor under my legs with his head in my lap and Shay was laying in the center of the seat leaving me the corner against the door.


I laid my head in her torso and there I remembered the days when we had cows and goats, chickens and…

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