Dancing Mondays: Adele’s Hello Edition

Hi!   It’s stupid but I feel exited about being able to put this up 🙂

(Update on the No Wifi Situation:  I’ve been told to ask my internet provider (Claro) to change some settings on my router.  I’m not going to be all negative but it’s Claro.  And I’ve never heard of a provider doing that kind of change for one client.  So there’s a possibility I’m gonna have to go the long route and find a shop where I can get a new airport card installed.  Just thinking about it gives me the jeeves.  Plus, I have no money.)

So.  It’s music time and I hope you were not feeling like you were going to free yourself from this because, no.  Adele released a new song after three years and it’s getting shoved up our ears and down our throats BUT the good thing is, I was expecting it to be good and it’s actually BETTER THAN GOOD.  It’s kind of really good.

It has her trademark sound but it’s not a repetition of one of her other songs (which I’m still expecting the new album to be like because I’m that person).  It is sultry and poignant and the lyrics are raw.  The video is pretty cool too and I’m hung on that hunk’s smile.

If you haven’t done it yet, or if you just need another excuse to watch it again;  this is your moment.

Have an excellent Monday.


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