Tuesdays of Texture | Week 43 of 2015

Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to this one. You can also @ naramilee in twitter or instagram if you want to share an image from either platform. 

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, you can find an image during the week and join any day you want and this event is ‘theme free’.   I share contributions on twitter and mention each one the next week.   Hope to see your part of the world! 

I recently began doing a Liberation Rosary that my mother gave me, after years of not touching the rosary and I feel like sharing it.

I have been going through a lot of stress, sadness and frustration in many aspects of my life (professionally, personally, in my relationship with manfriend, with the Hardcore Country Life) and I just felt it was time to meditate again.  I used to meditate with the rosary almost every day a few years back and it lifted my spirit greatly, so it feels natural to turn to it.

Of Roses

I bought this rosary several years back.  The beads are made of rose petals and it smells glorious.  This is also one of my favorite macro shots of all time.  I should have never let go of that camera (it was a point and shoot Samsung, with a great capacity of manual functions).

Last week we had a lot of cool participations, please hop around for a few minutes and leave some love:

ladyleemanila shared a collection of photos and there is ice cream and bees.  I think that’s pretty much all you need in an invitation to make me go YES.

klara shared a stunning spider macro shot.  She was giving the camera some love!

this is a shot shared in Una Vista di San Ferno a few weeks back and I think I stole it for Tuesdays of Texture because I couldn’t resist it.  I stole it with permission.

St Germain has a cool post up including a few awesome experiences. And ART.

There’s a cute shot and dessert over at Joan’s Retirement and Beyond.  Count me IN.

I don’t know why I think JayJay (my mom’s cockatiel) would love to play with this.  Cool macro at Land of Images.

Let me see a part of your world!  And have an awesome day!

16 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture | Week 43 of 2015

  1. jesh stg says:

    Sorry to hear it’s not going well, but happy you know God, and you connect to him. I don’t know if you know the concept of “holy alliances.” It means, some relationships are supposed to be in your life, and others definitely not. It does not mean that the latter are not loved by God, but they have another destiny/purpose/goal in life than you have. .Find out what God wants, and you’ll be more at peace:):) In a general way of saying would be that some friendships are supposed to be life long and others just for a short time. Wishing you that this week will have a turn around for you!
    http://jeshstgermain.com/2015/10/18/sun-burnt/ .for Tuesday texture


    • narami says:

      Thanks so much for these words jesh! To find a purpose at this moment in time is why I’m meditating this prayer, I need to empty myself from my own thoughts to make way for His 🙂 I know He’ll move me towards the correct path, either emotionally and or physically.

      Your collection is beautiful, I love how I feel like I took the trip too through your images!


    • narami says:

      Hello Gayle! Welcome to Tuesdays of Texture! Thanks for sharing your post, as long as you leave your link in a comment (as you did) I can easily find your post and mention it next week, so you did perfect 🙂


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