I Remember: All the Nanny 911 watching has already been put to the test

For my I Remember series:
Scheduling and re-scheduling Baby J’s days for her two years has been fun and challenging and I have been thinking a lot about that time I taught aikido to kids.
Mostly about how they nearly drove me absolutely crazy.

Have a great weekend! Get active and play with your kids! (Or your neighbor’s kids. Or just any kid you know. Go play!)

de monte y mar

It’s been a little quite around here, as always it’s only because some long posts are getting cooked.  Slowly. You have been warned of future babbling, meaning that this babbling? Is just the beginning!

Anyway, this last weeks there’s been a lot of conversation about the aikido class I’m giving to children.  You see, I was asked to give this classes and I had never in my life done anything like it with kids, I had never even seen a class of that sort. Ever.

So I had to start researching on my own about martial art classes for kids, about the appropriate order, discipline and ways of teaching kids techniques.  I have tutored kids and handle a bunch of them and stuff but believe you me, having them in a mat, in sport gear, able to jump and run around and trying to teach them is SO NOT the…

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