Houston: Airport card is off

There’s a salamander behind the desk as I type this, which is proof of how much I want to get this post out and also why I might not do this again.

There was one on the way here too (the overwhelming heat is bringing them all out.  It’s so hot now that we can see them in the wood roof of the balcony during the day.  Yeah, that was me screaming) and I walked with the cell phone as a flash light and a Windex bottle as a gun, movie style, arms crossed in front of me and everything.  It was an action packed scene.

Just to let you know:

Have an awesome day!  Enjoy your WIFI.

PS twitter and instagram are on my mobile so they’ll probably have more game during this WIFI-less time.  @naramilee on both.

PSS While writing this the salamander came out twice and I had to stand up to spray some Windex.  She was laughing at me.


One thought on “Houston: Airport card is off

  1. 76sanfermo says:

    Just seen your post which sounds like an SOS ….
    I’m impressed by what’s happening in your country, of course!
    Thanks for your wishes of an awesome day for us…..I inmediately reciprocate the same wishes for you!
    A hug, too!


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