Grocery Shopping Tips: 4 Ways to Shop Smarter

A few days ago I was in line to pay for groceries in the store and the woman in front of me noticed the cheese she chose wasn’t the one in the special sale and, instead of paying for it and run out of there (like I would’ve done), she went back inside to get the correct one and save a few bucks.

I thought, good for her!  Also, why did she confused them so easily in the first place?  The one featured in the shopper was noticeably smaller.  In my next visit to the grocery store I found the answer.

I also found four easy ways where you could fall for the pricier item that you are trying to avoid.

So here are four simple ways to help you shop smarter:

1)  Going for the generic-store brand is sometimes the default mode to get a better deal, but it’s not always the way to save!  The generic-store brand doesn’t always mean the cheapest option.  I saw the generic-store brand rice have a higher price than the big brand on the special sale.

2)  Make sure you are getting the article that’s announced in the shopper.  This is why the woman got the wrong cheese:  I saw the big red sign for the special sale cheese but guess what:  the cheese packages right under it were NOT the ones with the discount!  The sign was hanging from the top of the refrigerator and the cheeses were on the bottom.  I’m pretty sure most people would go for the packages closer to the sign and miss the deal.

3)  The special sale sign said “Lotus Juice Variety” and then in the small letters of the product description it specified only two juice flavors.  So much for variety… So, read the entire description!  

4)  The store had huge big red signs for some offers but many of the best deals had smaller, less flashy signs.  If you are looking for the best deal, make sure you scan ALL  products before choosing. 

Something I always do, something so simple that makes a big difference is:  step back and take a minute.  Shopping in a hurry almost guaranties that you are not going to get the best deals.  Whenever I’m going to buy something that I know reasonably varies in price I step as far back as possible and scan the aisle a few seconds to read every sign and check the prices.  There are articles that I buy by brand but mostly I look for good deals so I need the time to look for them.

So there.   Basically all you need is time and awareness to read everything and choose wisely.

Have a great day!


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