Species shouldn’t interfere with seniority

For my I Remember series:
This tree’s stud still stands where it was cut. It’s still a very sad sight.
Our mahogany trees are still going strong and their shade provides a comfortable play place for Baby J now.
Thanks grandpa.

Have a wonderful weekend!

de monte y mar

When the first owners of the houses in this urbanization bought their properties in the 1960’s the first thing they did was planting trees.

They planted fruit trees in their patios and in the streets.  Years later those trees provided shade and breeze, and leaves of all sorts for us kids to play with.  My grandfather, for example, planted four mahogany trees in front of our house, two of which had to be taken down after a hurricane because they leaned dangerously towards the house.  Two remain, huge and majestic, they seem to guard the house from the rest of the street with their homey shade and soft song.
Several times neighbors have approach my mother with the intention of taking them down on account that they have to pick up the leaves from them.  Because picking up leaves people, horrible stuff.
I must have been about ten when my…

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3 thoughts on “Species shouldn’t interfere with seniority

  1. jesh stg says:

    It’s kind of ironic I ended up loving painting so much, becausetmy parents did not teach me anything in that area. My mother called it doodles, and she provided me with note blocks of blank paper, so I wouldn’t “doodle” on whatever blank space I could find in the house, including wall paper. I think it’s great you want to teach your baby what you learned from your mother, but please let baby J also draw and color freehand, would you?


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