The Week Elsewhere | Week 37, 2015


Cool People that have followed me recently


Bumbi’s Mom

Literature is my Porn

In the World Wide Web

Little girl doesn’t give up until she lands heel flip. Wins at life.

Rosie Hardy (famous photographer – web celebrity) shared a heartfelt post that I just loved.  “And sometimes, on days like these when the leaves dance on the trees, and the September air smells like a thousand hues of green, it pulls me to my living room window like a cartoon character being led by the nose to the waves of the pie cooling on the kitchen table.” 

Remember when beaches used to be regularly fumigated with DDT?  I don’t either, thank God!

The largest great white shark every captured on video so you have something to think about next time you go swimming in the open ocean.

This Korean restaurant surprised guests with blind dates.  I would love to see how that goes in Puerto Rico.  It would be hilarious.

Have a happy Sunday!


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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