For my I Remember series:

An empowering moment lived during my aikido practice.  Felt like a movie star.  Have a fun weekend!

de monte y mar

I had a cool moment today at practice.

I was paired with a new student (this was his second class) to practice my upcoming test.  This was, to some extent, not exactly productive for my test practice since I had to spend more time explaining things to him than practicing but; it’s always good to practice with someone new, precisely because THEY DON’T KNOW what you are going to do.  It’s a great way to see if you can really control your opponent, it brings you back to basics, you watch your details and go slow.  It’s a review, sort of.

So, the guy is all “I can’t throw you!” at first, refused to finish the techniques and so on.  I talked to him about the safety of knowing how to fall and doing my work as uke (the attacker).  When it was my turn to do the technique he…

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