Dancing Mondays: Somewhere Live

I was talking the other day about how I don’t find a lot of new music these days, mostly because I don’t even listen to music on a daily basis anymore.

I used to do a music post every month where I would ask for suggestions on new music and then download every song that my readers recommended.  I found A LOT of awesome music that way (and actually never deleted any of the findings).  I also had Naldy at work (one of the old guys) who is a musical encyclopaedia and also gave me TONS of new tunes each week to download.

This week, while we were packaging, I started to talk music with one of my friends.  Pretty much the only one with a decent musical taste, since all the others are into regueaton and bachata (two very colorful, solid and important caribbean genres that deserve all their success, but that have been taken to a level of lyric mediocrity that I just can not endure.  And yes, I listen to some of it, I’m just extra selective because the lyrics can get very degrading for women and I’m a lady who has a daughter).

This friend of mine is more metal where I’m more rock but we share a similar taste and she gave me three new bands/singers that I loved.  I’m featuring the first one today.

This is Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation and the Gathering’s Anneke van Giersbergen with The Metropole Orchestra and the Pa’dam Choir.  Basically a musical banquet wrapped in one video.

As the song grew I held my chest because I couldn’t believe the voices of those two women and how they came together to form such dramatic sound.  The whole song is like a strong wind and the feeling when it ends… I’ve deleted three sentences trying to describe it and can’t.

Anyway guys: if you have a suggestion on a song, band or author, please let me know! I love to find new music and though I can’t download every single suggestion now, I promise I’ll check it out and probably feature it on a Dancing Mondays with proper credit and a link to your blog.

I hope you enjoy that little song break today and that you have a lovely Monday.

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