The Week Elsewhere | Week 35, 2015


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True treasure.

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Two ingredient Piña Colada.  We (Puerto Ricans) LOVE this drink.  It’s a required summer drink.  And if you want to party, don’t forget the Puerto Rican rum.

Manfriend has already chosen the style and furniture for his (still not even built) apartment, but I can still dream.  (Plus I have a beach apartment and one day when I grow up I’ll redecorate it.)

Marbleiz coasters.  Because we can all be Martha Stewart, without the jail time.

I think my body is always saying it needs vacations.  As is my brain and my soul.

Beagles rescued from tests labs feel the grass, interact with other dogs and are outdoors for the first time IN THEIR LIVES.  Please consider the products you use!  Your shampoo, your soap, your deodorant keep animals like these caged and mistreated their whole lives. 

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