Listening to a lot of hard rock over here, you?

For my I Remember series:

I think I wrote this the last time that Dragon left me. He left me many times; before going to Irak the first time, before going the second time, while in Irak, when he got back… he left me MANY times, but I think this was the last time – I’m sure this was the time when it hit me the most.
I love to read how my words were so fast, they stumbled out of me and it reads right through. All the confusion is right there. It contrasts so wonderfully with how paused and calm I write (and am) now. *smiles*
It felt like a storm inside (and now you can sing Let It Go on your mind for the rest of the day, you’re welcome) and since the actual storm Erika didn’t pass through Puerto Rico (and I’m grateful) I’m sharing this one.

I hope you have a fun weekend.

de monte y mar

One day, far from now, I’ll have an entry about the last two weeks.  About the emotional roller coaster that I rode, one that took me higher than I’ve ever been, where I lifted my arms to the sky delighted to feel the cold wind in my face (finally!); I was almost victorious and if you heard someone yelling “YEAH!” last weekend, that was me.
And then that motherbitcher swerved two curves, one to each side at 70mph while free falling and the shock delayed my response, so when I got out I found myself barely holding my head over my shoulders.
Literally, by last Wednesday (which is yesterday in normal days) I didn’t knew if I had my head on or not, to the point that I was asking people to tell me how to feel because I don’t have those censors working anymore.  Should I be angry or…

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