I’m on board and PINterest ready!

Well peeps, there’s a boat that I’ve been avoiding since it’s birth.

I’ve actively turned my head whenever I saw anything to do with it and invested energy in ignoring it, which is never a good sign and pretty much always means I’ll end up viciously devouring it.


I’ve joined and tried to organised my boards and it’s been fun!  I used some of the suggestions and guidelines of Elena over at Fabulously 50 & Living With Batman because I knew nothing about anything and it was good to have a map to guide me.  And save me from spending five hours browsing color pallets.  I also rediscovered my ring addiction.

You can find me over there by clicking here:  https://www.pinterest.com/naramilee/

But, what I want is to follow YOU.  It’s been a little… hard?  To find all the owners of the blogs I follow (and I follow A LOT of blogs) over there, mainly because I’m short of time these days, so please if you are on Pinterest, hit me in the comments so I can find you!

I want to follow everyone so we can party over there too.  Instead of confetti I’m throwing color pallets.

Have a happy day.  Drink something tasty.  (I pinned an awesome mojito recipe.)

6 thoughts on “I’m on board and PINterest ready!

    • narami says:

      Thank you! I can search you too, I just want to narrow down the search time, knowing who is there will help a lot, otherwise I have to do each blog and ufff, so many!
      I’m trying to connect with other bloggers over there too, see how it goes 🙂


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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