Tuesdays of Texture | Week 35 of 2015

Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to this one. 

You can also @ naramilee in twitter or instagram if you want to share an image from either platform. 

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, you can find an image during the week and join any day you want and this event is ‘theme free’.   

I share contributions on twitter and mention each one the next week.   Hope to see your part of the world! 


I found this rocks some days ago and interrupted many runners while I snapped a few quick pics with my cell phone.  I’m not sorry;  I loved the contrast of textures!

And look, someone left a love message.  Awww!

Rock message.

(It says Milly Te Amo – Milly I Love You.)

Last week I had a wonderful time looking at all the cool contributions, check them out;

ladyleemanila shared a collection of forest shots that are fairy tale like.

Debbie shared a door (of a butcher shop!) with some very cool texture and graffiti.

klara shared a low street shot that in all honesty, is one of my dream shots.   I want to get that angle one day and pull it off just so.  I can picture the look on people’s faces while I work on it.  Priceless.

Land Of Images shared a foresty close up with a cool focus point.

Have a fun day peeps!  And show me a bit of the textures around you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture | Week 35 of 2015

    • narami says:

      Welcome to Tuesdays of Texture! I was unexpectedly out of web service for a few days and couldn’t get to this sooner, I’m sorry! I’m gonna be tweeting this, and look forward to a mention next Tuesday! Have a great day!


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