Vieques for beginners

For my I Remember series:
I found this post from my trip to Vieques and it’s blue bioluminescent lagoon. What times! Really good times.
Side Note: I’m so glad I went before the shark attack incident that occurred a few years back (2010?) because although it’s the only registered incident there I wouldn’t have gone in the water and if there’s something that can change your life it’s seeing those dinoflagellates shining on you.
Have fun this weekend!

de monte y mar

After a journey that was in the least, extremely interesting and challenging we got to Vieques and had just like Phizhy said (it’s funny how that’s exactly how I described it on the way home), an illegal amount of fun.  We endured a ride in a bus with no air conditioning with 5973934 persons inside, a very hot day, the carrying of too many packs to handle, a beach with killing cadillos and attacking algae, rain, the humor of those with hunger, PMS, dizziness, boringness and many other things but we found something to laugh about every single time and thus, we enjoyed even the moments when we looked at each other and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Vieques is beautiful, we were not disappointed by it at all, on the contrary after we got pass the fact that even though we were in Puerto Rico we had to order…

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