Dancing Mondays: Shadowplay from the St. Johns

This is a band I found years ago through the MTV show My Life As Liz (because apparently I watched MTV during a stage in my life.  I can assure you MTV was a music channel some point).

Louis (the guitar and singer) was featured in the show as one of Liz’s love interests while she was in New York.   The show was canceled during it’s … third season?  Second?  Please don’t make me google it because I really don’t want to get into that again;  the show was canceled before Liz could decide which guy she would keep dating or whatever.

But Louis was a member of a band, which is the important part (I finally got to the important part in the third paragraph.  Good writing advise says I should delete everything before this but, guess what?  I’m not following any of that today because it’s Monday and Mondays are hard already.  I’m letting this fingers type all they want baby), and the band to my utter surprise was a good band.  A great band even.  And I loved them.

These are the St. Johns.

And this is their video for the song Shadowplay.

Am I the only one feeling all the feels when I listen to that?  Is it my hormones?  Is it the stress?  Because I know I’m an emotional mess right now but I think I can objectively qualify that as good music anyway.


Have an awesome Monday!


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