Now we are even: Part II

For my I Remember series:

I’m spending some days with this handsome face that rescued me a few years back. He’s still gorgeous.

Have a great weekend!!

de monte y mar

This is Part II of a two parts post;  you can read the first part here.  

Every morning I take my Maltese (who’s also a rescue) outside to pee.  I really like that moment in the mornings when I can watch the sky, feel the sun if it’s already out, and breathe fresh air for a couple of minutes.  The doggie really likes it too, he spends the whole day inside (ruling our house like a prince) and he likes to stretch outside, walk a bit faster, pretend he’s wetting trees with imaginary pee.

Triunfo always monitors this walks.  He’s trained to never go outside without command, so he sits very still at our gate with his ears perked up watching my every move.  Sometimes he whines if he can’t see me. (Side note: my mom used to walk thirty minutes everyday and Triunfo howled from the moment she…

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