Little tiny bunny rabbits!

Something weird happened with my cousins.

You see, one of them used to love hanging out, gaming and air conditioner, lets call him  cousin #1.  The other one used to wake up at three AM to help his father in the farm (my grandfather’s heritage) milking the cows and doing whatever necessary, he’ll be cousin #2.

Cousin #1 studied some sort of social or marketing degree.  I’m not sure.  It’s not my fault he changed concentrations and universities and I couldn’t keep up.

Cousin #2 has an agronomist master.

Life twist?

Cousin #1 now works at his father’s farm (had a daughter at twenty one), cousin #2 works in a desk job in a government agency.

They basically changed futures!  It’s like some sort of Freaky Friday juujuu.

Anyway, cousin #1 sells rabbits and they look this cute in their nurseries.


They’re like cotton right?  I’m sharing this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge.

Have a fun day!  The weekend is almost here!


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