The Week Elsewhere | Week 30, 2015

Cool People that have followed me recently

Jean Reinhardt

written in the margins

The Real Life of Natasha Beim

coffee fuels my photography

the obvious and hidden

skinny and single

The Frugal Brown Witch

In the world wide web

Hit ghostwriters, one of my favorite things!  Who wrote that song? I didn’t knew about You Are Not Alone, I thought it was M. Jackson.

One tree that grows forty different fruits.  Totally want one of those in my yard.

Couples describe their partners to police sketch artist and the results almost made them break up with each other.  The one dancing (is that dancing?  Awkward.) beside him and doing the chorus happens to be his girlfriend.  Yeah.

This is Daniel Radcliffe – aka Harry Potter – singing Eminem’s Slim Shady.  He should record that cover.

Have a beautiful Sunday with your family!

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