Suddenly love at first sight sounds very appealing

For my I Remember series:

I mentioned in this post that a few years back I could have never in my wildest dreams imagine that I would end up with manfriend (my ex-trainer) who had a fiancé when I met him, and having a kid with him. Well, I said it in other words, but that’s the gist of it.

I found this post that I wrote in my singleness (which I lived with gusto too, even though sometimes I had my moments, I enjoyed my freedom VERY MUCH) and reading it now, I find it totally amusing and funnier than I intended when I wrote it.
I didn’t even remember writing this by the way, which is why sometimes I raid old posts for this I Remember series, to -pun very much intended – remember.
Have a great weekend peeps!

de monte y mar

I was going to write a post about this, not because I’m dating anyone right now, but because February gave me daily flashbacks of the horrible dates I had last year and it made me think, apart from the fact that I only had the pleasure to date true idiots, why has dating has become something I kinda/sorta/might-sometimes hate so much?

And I realized the first and most important reason was: because these guys I dated didn’t knew me.  And I didn’t knew them.  And all the questions and the talking and the exploring of the other persons brain was SO FAR AWAY from the nice, soft, sweet and easy knowing of what it is exactly that the person in front of you is thinking by mere use of simple prediction.  I missed conversations without words, the kind where you just look at each other and you just know

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