Tuesdays of Texture Contributions Update – NOT A WEEKLY POST!

A couple of days ago I browsed the topic of Tuesdays of Texture in the WordPress reader and discovered three contributors to the event that never got automatic pingbacks into my posts.  Meaning that I missed them for as long as they have been participating.  Meaning that I am still screaming in terror on this side of the web.

I hold this event close to my heart and I love discovering things in a different perspective through the images that you share.

So, to prevent this from happening again I’ll be checking the Tuesdays of Texture tag directly regularly.  If you create a  link to the weekly blog post in your own post, you share your post automatically and all the friends over here get a way to get to your blog faster though, which is even cooler because then we can all mingle through the week and check out each other’s stories.

Onward to the important and most interesting bit;  these are the contributions that haven’t been shared here, please go leave some love to these lovely fellow bloggers who did amazing photography on these posts:

Land of Images has the most posts, all of them spectacular:  exhibit one, exhibit two.  Luckily there’s a Tuesdays of Texture tag in the blog so you can check out ALL the participations just scrolling!  That’s very cool.  (If you like Tuesdays of Textures maybe you should consider creating a tag for it huh?!  🙂  )

Farewell my Manicure (what a rad blog title right?!)  has also a few posts under a tag, you can scroll them here.  One of my favourites is this one because UNDER THE SEA AWESOMENESS. 

Embracing the One has a lovely image of a perfectly heart-shaped leaf!  

Well, now that we are up to date I can start breathing again.  Thanks again to everyone who participates, I truly enjoy watching what you find.

Have a very joyful day.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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