These kids

For my I Remember series I’m re-sharing this ordinary moment. Such a good scene of life!

Have a great day!

de monte y mar

There was a kid in front of me in a line yesterday.  He was Draco-blonde and had a business on the front party in the back kind of hairstyle.  His hair fell down to his ears on his face, but it was down to his ribs on the back.  Very soft and perfect curls formed there.  He was wearing kaki shorts and a sleeveless grey t-shirt.  I kept observing him because his cuteness was attacking me.

His mother had been really quiet all the while until she offered him to try and get a toy from the toy-catcher game nearby.  She strolled to the machine;  super curly brunette, pierced-nose.  Tattoo on her back and her arm, wearing an orange dress with a green little jacket on top.  She had snow-appropriate leggings, featuring snow designs as well as geometry figures on earthy tones.  I kept trying to understand her Mad Max…

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