Parents: Toxics in baby’s clothing

And family and friends of parents:

I just read this article on toxics present in baby’s articles (clothing! Like the new pretty pyjamas you just bought on sale at Carter’s.  Yes, those) and I am appalled.

I have tried to give Baby J the best in natural and/or organic articles – as our budget has permitted.  I saved money for two months to buy an organic combo of body wash and cream that was twenty dollars, so when I say we’ve made sacrifices to give her the best we can, I MEAN IT.

Manfriend and his family harvested organic food for her when she began eating solids.  I don’t feed her regular strawberries because they have too much pesticides.  A few months ago my aunt wanted to give her a potato chip and I refused because that doesn’t have any nutricional value, I fought my entire family – and fight manfriend’s family on a daily basis – because I want her to eat nutritious and hearty food.  I AM THAT MOTHER.

I don’t know how I didn’t knew about this before but now that I do, not only have I cleared her wardrobe of all offensive materials, I want to share this with you because if you, like me, missed this, I want you to have the choice of doing the same thing.

Please read the article if you have any children in your family and share the info.

Have a great Sunday!

PD  Week elsewhere post coming tomorrow!  Because I crushed my posting schedule like a boss.


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