Language unites

For my I Remember series I’m sharing this post about one of my grandma’s family stories.

Have a great Friday!

de monte y mar

I spent the whole morning out in stores with my grandmother.  She wanted to buy shoes.  I will not tell you the amount of shoes she checked out or the number of stores we went into because I can’t remember but I can tell you that she’s now back home, without new shoes.

I have wrote before about how I resemble her in so many things it’s scary, but it still spooks the fuck out of me to see her picking up a pair, turning it around, talking about what a nice and pretty shoe it is and then rejecting it because it’s not the shoe she saw inside her head. DNA replication is AWESOME.

Anyway, on the way to the mall she was talking about family stories and such and she mentioned this.  When she was younger poor people got food from the government, not money for it, but…

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