Tiny Series: Simple style when you work at home

First of all let me clarify that working from home does not mean you have to spend every day of your life in sweat pants.

It’s an appealing option and you can certainly choose that path but, there is more than sweat pants and that thought alone should stimulate you to try something else.  At least for those days when strangers are going to see you and you want them to think you have it all together.  Working from home?  I totally win at it.  Even though you missed three meals during the past four days because work ate your time.

So, you HAVE to be comfortable, yes, I am with you on that one.  Shirts or blouses that itch somewhere, pants that don’t fit you, shoes that make your back hurt;  get all of those out of the way.   Choose a few items that you feel wonderful in.

Over here I opted for sleeveless shirts with built in bras to use either alone or in layers when it gets chilly.  I got them all in bright colors because then I get an effortless pop in my outfit, I keep everything else  really toned down with gray colors and dark blue jeans.  Very soft, cottony kind of jeans by the way.

I have not been able to shake off sneakers because they are the most comfortable option but my mom gave me a pair of Toms knockoffs that are a good alternative for those moments when I have to run out in something other that sports shoes.

One huge successful change I made a few months ago towards a better functional style was change my purse.  I used a handbag but noticed that when I went out with Baby J it got in the way all the time.  Instead of being useful it was just something else that blocked my hands and added weight to my arms, when I was already carrying Baby J or her bag, or both!   So for mother’s day I asked for a long strap bag that I could hang on my shoulder and carry on my side (at the hips) leaving both my arms and hands free.   It’s been a life changer!

Another upgrade I did a couple of week’s ago was haircut and color.  There comes a point when no matter how much you try to look put together you can’t because your hair will be doing it’s own thing and that thing is making you look like a crazy person.  Choosing a haircut with low upkeep that will last several months without cutting is key when one is lacking both time and money to spend in the stylist.

A hair color that refreshes your look (lightens your face and possibly makes you look five years younger) but does not weight you down if you show roots is also a good way to maintain a cleaner look for longer.   I went for a color that was three shades lighter than mine, it looks extremely natural and I won’t have to run to get a retouch in months.

Have a great day!

PD:  You can find Simple Makeup Routine for Home and Makeup for Special Occasions on those links from the Tiny Series of Tips for the at-home worker.



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