The Week Elsewhere | Week 26, 2015


I mean really.

Cool People that have followed me recently

tragic comedy

la imagen y el relato

fashion dee

love adventure

moments of truth with Brewster

In the world wide web

The hoverboard by Lexus.

A groom gets emotional when he sees his bride.  I think if you got married and your partner didn’t look at you like this, you should divorce and re-marry the correct guy.  *sniffsniff*

Which lipstick is the most popular in which country?  I always wanted to know.  Hello Montreal.  What is London thinking?

A man survived in a new island eating eggs and squid.  Which means I would’ve died.

People that grow up dancing are basically awesomer.  We knew that already.

Have a great Sunday!


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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