Summer ready, at least!

I don’t know what is it about work that it smells when you are trying to get away from it.

During the last weeks manfriend has been mentioning the possibility of taking a few days (not even a full week, not even five days) off of work to have a short vacation with me and Baby J.  These weeks were supposed to be low on production (relatively) which cuts the days of distribution and in theory sounds like a perfect ballad of vacation time.

This, of course, provoked an unexpected boom of work that has had him at site tending to a few unanticipated situations and me with the phone glued in my ear before breakfast during the past three days dealing with suppliers and services.

I forgot how many times I called one supplier (US) yesterday but it was enough times that even the receptionist recognised it was “ridiculous” that I had to call back so much to get the information I needed from them.  At one point she actually got up from her desk and into the office of the seller so I could talk to him and I thanked her dearly because she did what I so wanted to do but couldn’t, which was to knock on his door, open it without waiting for an answer and be like “yo, this is the seventh time I call today, get off your ass and go check if my order is ready.”

Later on I needed help from someone – an actual person, not a website or an automated telephone system – and called an office here (in Puerto Rico) to ask a few questions.  The office was closed but the company has offices in various states of the US so, since I had already called long distance so many times before I thought one more call wouldn’t matter.   I called offices in Miami, California and Colorado and if you guessed that no one helped me but directed me to a generic email address you are correct.

All of them people with different accents told me they couldn’t deal with me, why don’t you send an email to this invisible person who might or might not see your message at some point tomorrow?

I was oozing frustration this morning when I saw my toes while I was on hold waiting for someone to get back to me.   At least my toes are totally ready for *insert Olaf’s voice here* summer.

Toe nails ready for summer, finally.

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I’ll share this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down challenge.

Have a great day off the phone!


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