Dancing Mondays: Modern serenatas edition

I stayed at my parents last week and noticed that on all my recent visits I heard a car with a very potent sound system every night, at the same time, patrolling the same route and playing the same song. 

We suspected the owner was giving a modern serenata to someone because he would round the block a couple of times and then go away. 

Maybe you don’t understand what they are saying, it’s not the language because I can assure you I don’t understand most of it either.
The detail in this? He was giving the serenata with this:

Serenatas are supposed to sound more like:

At least that’s how it used to be in the good times of my grandparents.

Serenata fail in my opinion.  Have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: Modern serenatas edition

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