Tuesdays of Texture | Week 20 of 2015

This is Tuesdays of Texture.  I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to this one.  (Links to this post will automatically appear as ping backs.)

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, you can find an image during the week and join any day you want and this event is ‘theme free’.   

I share contributions on twitter and/or google + and mention each one the next week.   Hope to see your part of the world! 

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.
Napoleon Hill

Another part of manfriend’s business, this time inside the production facilities, a steel door 🙂

I’ll let you know that no one gets to see inside the production facilities, so even if this image is tiny, it’s more than many people that have visited here have seen.  You should consider it a VIP pass.

Last weeks contributions can be found here, please do check them out:

Very colorful meadow shared by Klara.

Beautiful brick wall shared by first timer dreamsareunlimited, wave her way!

Creekrose shared a beautiful collection of images from the dessert! I love how steel and dessert came together in the same Tuesday 🙂

I hope you have a great and textured Tuesday!

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