Super Mashies easy recipe

Super fast, mega delicious (sorry it IS packed with calories, I don’t consider them junk calories but someone in a restrictive diet might) and easy Super Mashies.  For that day when you just want to eat something different, but not cook so much, like a Saturday!

This measures are for approximately four medium potatoes.

Mash boiled potatoes to your liking (I like little chunks in mine.  Yum chunks.).  Add about an oz of milk.  A tablespoon of mayonnaise.  Mustard until the potatoes turn yellow (yes, that’s how I measure it).  A tablespoon of vinegar.  A bit of olive oil (depends on how much you like olive oil, I like it so my bit is enough to go around all the mixture).  Black ground pepper and salt as you see fit.  Half a teaspoon of Badia complete seasoning or equivalent.

Lots of butter because butter makes everything better.  Dry bacon if you have some laying around.

Swirl all that around.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Super Mashies easy recipe

  1. prior says:

    this sounds really tasty – and I like how you note the difference in calories – because you are right – these are not junk calories for sure.
    and I am sure the touch of bacon would make it just that much more layered and yummy

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