The only time when VIP treatment is not a good thing


Did you hear a faint sigh yesterday?  It was me.  Yesterday was the first time I was able to draw breath hard enough for it to reach my toes since last week and I’m sure I sighted so hard someone heard it in China.

It all started last Thursday when manfriend… oh, I tweeted it:

It was a stomach ache somewhere before one am but it was the end of the world after two am, though I must add he first puked at around nine pm and that should’ve been a warning sign that things were not going to get any better.

He ate two papayas in their entirety but exuded about four thousand of them.  Multiplication of the bread but not in a miraculous awesome way.  At around ten am the next day manfriend was unable to do anything but moan as any forty year old man with an ache would.  He sounded like a wounded bull.

He was throughly dehydrated and nauseous so I had to take over all the business tasks, and of course, it was one of the fuller days because life.  I put on the hats of production technician, secretary, merchandiser, mom and care taker and I must say to all of the people who do it on a daily basis:  you are superhuman.  I relapsed for coffee because of that day and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be quitting any day soon.

We were saved by a phenomenon that I have only seen in these parts and that is live networking.  Manfriend’s sister (who is a head nurse/supervisor) called someone and that person called someone and within a few hours a friend who also happened to  be a nurse was here with a Merry Poppins bag.  Manfriend was hooked to an IV line and administered a shot for his nausea, in the comfort of his bed.  Where I come from if you don’t endure the hassle of an emergency room, you don’t get an IV.

He was able to eat (the chicken stock I made for him, my grandmother’s recipe – I thought I had shared it, must do!) a few hours later  and continued to improve during the next day.  I’m sure it all had to do with how he wears himself to exhaustion so often because getting up at four am several days a week, having twelve hour workdays (as we did Tuesday when it was only the two of us working the packaging of the week) and not getting enough sleep hours at night had to take a toll on his body at some point.

And now we are back to normal, whining about how it’s so  hot we can barely tolerate it but so very thankful we are fine.

Have a happy one!


10 thoughts on “The only time when VIP treatment is not a good thing

  1. phb2003 says:

    well I was wondering if you also ate the seeds. I have heard that the seeds are anti parasite – and some people chew on them when healing up. So did he eat the seeds too?

    please share the stock recipe (when you have time) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • narami says:

      Nope, none of us has ever eaten the seeds. We had never eaten the papayas at room temp either and I think manfriend hadn’t eaten that much of it before. I’ll share the info about the seeds though, I hadn’t heard of it 🙂


      • phb2003 says:

        yeah – well I have heard it a few times about the anti-parasitic properties – but I wonder if the properties have to be extracted – like plant essential oils. anyhow, sorry your manfriend was sick from it – but papaya straight from the tree still sounds so good…

        Liked by 1 person

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