I Remember: Professor Miss Clairol

Believe it or not, the things that the biology professor made us do weren’t his most striking characteristic.

He used to spend hours from our lab time giving us details about his problems with his ex-wife.  He drank on his free time – as early as ten AM – in the bar that was crossing the street from the campus;  aka where all the students went to play pool and get drunk, AND he drank with them.

It was common knowledge that you could go up a few points, or even reach a passing level, on any of his classes if you bought him a few rounds.  He was absolutely brilliant but thoroughly spoiled by what he felt was an unlucky life.  You could hear it first thing on his raspy voice which forced to volumes that should require a microphone.  He had the brains to do bigger things but his friends seemed to get all the good jobs, the titles and the money and he was just there.  Stuck with us.

But the one thing that you first noticed about him and the one thing that no one could forget was his hair.  He had platinum blonde hair that would go lighter whenever he cut it.  It clashed wonderfully with his tanned skin (he was an avid surfer), his matching eyebrows gave him a particularly cartoony-like look.

And of course, everyone called him Miss Clairol.


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