Her first crop

A few days ago manfriend prepared a little space (made from a re-used drum) to sow some garlic and spices.

As soon as he filled it with soil and Baby J saw it she took over and manfriend’s project ended up as Baby J’s first greenhouse!

She sow the garlic, about a hundred times each clove mind you, and the cilantro.  Well, manfriend helped her with the cilantro because otherwise there would’ve been cilantro EVERYWHERE.

And because she is my grandmother’s great-granddaughter she did so in a dress, even though her hands were covered in dirt and I had to scrub clean her white shoes afterwards, she kept her style and poise through it all.

This is how big the garlic was the day it was sown (sprouted in the refrigerator, believe it or not):


And this is how it looks now!

Growing garlic & cilantro.

I’m super exited about the growth and the fact that she can see the results of her labor. Garlic takes long to harvest, we’ll be eating cilantro from that crop very soon though and I’ll sure share our results!

Have a great day!  Try to plant something!


2 thoughts on “Her first crop

  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    So important to get litle ones involved in things like this whenever possible. I guarantee you she’ll carry that sense of wonderment with her about gardening throughout her life.
    I was lucky enough to have a Grandma who got me started growing vegetables when I was 4 – such fond childhood memories 🙂

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