I Remember: The fate of the lizard

I shared my first college years with a few of my best friends from school.

We were very close and took most classes together since we were all doing our bachelor in Biology.

One day, for our Biology lab, we were asked to bring live lizards to the lab room.  I had nothing to do with that, obviously, but one of my friends, lets call her Willow, was very carefree and fearless and trapped one.

That morning we made groups and her lizard was the one we used.  The professor gave the first directions for the lab project:  kill the lizard, preferable by beheading it.

I moved myself so I was behind everyone else but Willow volunteered to be the one to do the deed.  She was handed a blade, I think it was an exacto and after immobilizing the animal with the help of someone else she proceeded to do her part.  The thing is the blade wasn’t as sharp as new and cutting through the crawly was probably harder than she thought because, you know, parts.  Well, it took more effort than we would all have wanted but the thing was done.

I thought I would record the scene with the animal in focus, but what I remember the most is her face.  She kept this grossed out expression the whole time like she couldn’t handle it.  When she was done she shook a little and “arghed”.  I had never seen Willow loose her cool like that, and I knew her since the sixth grade.

Someone else had to cut the lizard vertically so we could pick apart it’s insides, draw it, and label everything.

I’m sure that was the most unorthodox thing I saw during my college education but somehow it was expected from the profesor we had and we didn’t give it much more thought.  Well, I think Willow did.

In fact, I’m sure I remember it all vividly and she does too.


5 thoughts on “I Remember: The fate of the lizard

  1. nerdlovewords says:

    Hi Narami…I am in an absent mode 😦 I think I missed your baby’s Birthday? If yes, please send me the link 🙂 I would love to go through it! And belated wishes from this part of the world!

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