This is my tone of indignation

Look.  LOOK.
Eggs of salamander.

Maybe closer.

Do you know what those are?  I’m a biologist, as I have stated more times than necessary so I can tell you:  those are salamander eggs.  In the back of a rustic chair.  In the dinning room of this house I currently have to live in.

WHERE I EAT.  Right.  Freaking.  Here.

I’m currently typing this right beside that chair.  These vermin creatures are trying to take over the house.  I know so because:

I mean.  I bet if I liked the things I would never see one.  And I don’t even know why I’m so surprised because this town has done everything it can to exasperate me from the moment my panties got here but SERIOUSLY.  One of those was crossing behind my bed like it was the freaking principal road of life.

Well, it wasn’t.  I’ll spare you the details but that one specifically is not going to be cruising through my private boundaries anymore.  The nerve.

I’m going to share this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge because apparently I’m determined to bring on the fauna over there.

I hope you have a bug-free day!


2 thoughts on “This is my tone of indignation

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