I got feelings: 50 Shades of Grey

I said I was going to share a bit more about my feelings on what I read during the days at my parent’s and well, I am.  I need to get this out of my system.

I read the Fifty Shades of Grey series.  The porn one, yes.

And I read it because my mom bought all the books.  We are talking about the same woman who does not even say ‘heck’ even though she’s the descendant of Spaniards on both sides.  Cero bad words but a soft side for teenage romance (she has the entire Twilight Saga, both books and movies)  and soft porn apparently.

And what I thought about these acclaimed works?

Mediocre at best.  Entertaining?  HECK YEAH.  I laughed so much.  Though it might have been for cheerful happiness of reading something, anything, because I hadn’t done that in two years.

My indignation comes at how the books are worshipped.  I mean, every bad trick is there, every weak attempt at being clever failed miserably and with the exception of the bad guy being that bad guy it was so weak in plot I could almost feel the pages fainting.

The big reveal about the “fifty shades of Mr Grey”?  Please.  I read fan fiction.  Young writers with too much time in their hands made Harry, Hermione and Ron do things that took the nasty scale to about 8578934759834758.  You can’t expect me to flinch by reading about the desires of a guy with a preference for strong shagging.  And it was more like the three shades of Grey because it seemed to me the colors of his character were so limited he pretty much had two faces the whole time.  Maybe three.

Not to mention that he and his lady friend and protagonist are pretty much the same thing.  In terms of how they were written I mean, you could tell from an airplane that they were written by the same person because they both had the exact same timing and wit in their dialogue – which I HATE in a book.

But I fast read a book a day and finished the saga in three days so I’m not saying they were entirely boring.  Just terribly bad written.

That’s all I think.  If I think of something else I’ll add it to the comments section (because you know that happens all the time, a day after you publish you are like “this is the one sentence I wanted to include there but it didn’t came then, meh”.


Have a great day!



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