Los Bandoleros: the Fast & Furious film you probably haven’t seen yet

There has been a lot of expected boozah about Furious Seven, the last Fast & Furious movie and the last of the franchise’s films that has Paul Walker in them.

I haven’t seen it yet, and I don’t plan on going to the movies to watch it.  As much as I love the idea of crying my eyes out in a room with another hundred people I’m gonna hold on to the rental so I can finish a Kleenex case without anyone worrying that I’m gonna pass out from a crying bout.

I have read a few articles that have been coming out about the movies because I’m an avid Fast & Furious fan (they combine a few of my favorite things:  fast cars, races, mechanics, action/adventure, Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel shirtless, the family theme, Vin Diesel beside a fast car shirtless) and I found (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR FURIOUS SEVEN. IF YOU WANT TO PROCEED IT WILL OPEN IN ANOTHER WINDOW) this one where someone finally put all the films in chronological order (this puts an end to one of those ongoing ‘I’m right’ ‘no I’M right’ things between manfriend and I, and I should say that I WAS RIGHT).

It also mentions a short film written and directed by Vin Diesel (because he can do other things besides being shirtless and singing awesome romantic songs) called Los Bandoleros that explains where Dom was when he leaved after the first film.

If you like the Fast & Furious you can not miss this gem where so many small details are covered (not to mention it is crucial to understand the last movie completely).  It also features something that I love to share and that is:  a bit of my caribbean culture!

You can see a lot of the Dominican Republic, which is VERY different from Puerto Rico but at the same time very similar.  The beaches, the food, the warmth of the people, the music, the flavor that oozes from the scenes.  I invite you to dive in and enjoy.

Oh, and there’s Dom (Diesel) shirtless in a kayak.  Which might explain why I saw it like  seven times in a row.


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