The Week Elsewhere | Week 13, 2015


It went like this:

him: would you keep working on the computer like that with a cocodrile here?

me: *stares at him*

him:  Even if it was small?

me: *stares at him*

him: you don’t understand.

And then he turned around and continued his snoring.  I have told him not to watch violent animal planet documentaries before going to sleep.

Cool people that have followed me recently

Wordy forever after

Brian Marggraf

Pam Snaps


chasing destino

the food hunters

The Misty Lady

In the world wide web

Colorblind people see certain colors for the first time and appreciate it like you should every day.

I don’t like Ariana Grande but you HAVE  to watch this video of her with Fallon imitating Celine Dion.  She is SPOT ON. That girl must have watched so much Celine when she was growing up.

In case you want something more classic,  here you have Tom Hanks doing ALL HIS MOVIES IN 7 MINS.  Because he is awesome and his craft is *faints*.

If you are feeling like you are not reaching your goal potencial, here’s a 13 year old girl who just broke two records in rock climbing to motivate you to go big or go home.


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