I Remember: Public communication

When I was in college these were our smartphones.

Everyone talked into those things and I don’t remember ever carrying a hand sanitiser.  I do remember they smelled, so why didn’t I fear for my health, I have no idea.  Probably same reason why I used to drink tap water, in public places even.  And I didn’t die, maybe we were onto something.

When we used these we actually had to remember the numbers of the people we were going to call, all seven digits of them.  There was a time when I could tell you the phone numbers of seventy percent of my classmates, plus my entire immediate family.  My head didn’t had too many Servando  and Florentino lyrics back then, it was just some Bush and Metallica.

I even remember “texting” (was it texting if we only used beepers?) using that keyboard.  Each key has three letters so we had to press each one the number times corresponding to the letter we wanted.  OMG we did we do that?   I probably lost several hours of my lifetime texting boys that I didn’t even dated.

In the town I was lodging (lodging for college? there’s a better word for this but my brain does have all the Atención Atención repertoire now and I can’t recall it at the moment) we found we could hack these in a public plaza by charging long distance calls from a phone on one corner of the plaza to another in the oposite end.  We were twelve girls in a nineteen eighty five Honda looking for our free minutes to call family and friends.  (And boys we never even dated.)

Sometimes we went in our pyjamas and the ride included stopping for donuts and very loud singing of Bob Marley and Cristian Castro.  We had to wrap up our conversations fairly early because the town had a curfew and when the sirens sounded at ten o clock we had to be on our way back to the houses.

Those were our Unlimited Calls plans.

Oh yes, I remember.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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