Reward: Blue prints are here!

Today I inadvertently locked my daughter in this room and manfriend had to break the door – movie style –  to get inside.

In case you are wondering, not being able to tend to your child because they are locked away somewhere while they cry knowing that you can’t get to them is pretty much the most direct way to a heart attack.

And then the door had to be fixed (because ninja manfriend sent pieces of it flying everywhere, I should’ve filmed that).  Or at least in manfriend’s world it had to, I couldn’t care less about the door.

Then a few hours afterwards she locked herself in the bathroom.   Yes, seriously.  Thankfully that door opens with a table knife, so it was one less door to replace.

All this happened in between long distance calls with our suppliers who delayed our orders because the snowstorms have been so strong.  And all orders were emergency ones.

My point is that it was a long day.

So this feels particularly rewarding.

Blue prints.

The blueprints for manfriend’s apartment are here!  *insert very happy dance here*

You can find more photos about the theme Rewards in this week’s Photo Challenge.

ave a great day!

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